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While most tattoo lovers are looking for beautiful, original designs not everyone is looking for the same thing in an actual collection, site or gallery. This article shows which are the 4 best tattoo galleries and websites for artwork, ideas, download and individual designs.For artwork the gallery that stands out on the net must surely be Chopper Tattoo. There are some tattoo galleries with more designs and at a better price, but this members-only gallery has won awards for its work. Tattoos are submitted by professional artists from around the world so there is no lack of variety and the collection of 3,500 designs is easy to browse with 3 different search options.

For tattoo ideas and resources, the only real choice is Tattoo Me Now. Also a members only collection it is very much more than just a gallery. Members can exchange ideas and tips in the buzzing community forum. There’s also a members’ area to view photos. The library is full of info on all aspects of tattoos and tattooing and includes a “video vault”. The site also provides a tool that lets you combine designs from the gallery to make your own unique tattoo design.

The best download collection is also the biggest, Crazy Tattoo Designs. For a one time payment you can get over 30,000 designs to save onto your computer and keep for good. Contained in 84 zip files, each a different category, it may take a while to look through. Don’t be put off by the trashy homepage.For those who just want an individual design, Tattoo Johnny is the big name. One of the most established tattoo galleries on the net, it has over 50,000 visitors daily. Anyone can browse the gallery of 100,000 tattoos in 112 categories. Designs are sold individually and each comes supplied with a stencil to be downloaded or saved in order to print.